Tuesday, August 12, 2014

^V^ 250 lots of Instaco , 400 lots of EAH, 300 lots of Marco n 120 lots of Psiptek brought me more than RM 20K ( realized + unrealized profit ) within 1 week $_$ , how u like that ta losers ? LOL ^V^


See d above attachments , now u know y readers trust me more than " fun " manager darlie singh , ta losers alexlulu,ahchart,ah bone ^_- LOL!

Below is what I posted in my private blog on 4 August  , I made more than RM 20 K within 1 week !  ^_-

Enjoy yrself >


As I said in my comments , I said mkt is now focusing on penny stocks < 0.50 cts , u can see unsound stock like IFCAMSC ,  JAG , KDG, PDZ ...some r runing @ loss stock oso gone up .

What do u think of EAH, MARCO & PSIPTEK  which r making profit companies !?  They r all low PE esp EAH which traded @ PE ard 5+.  Three of them oledi gone up from day one I made d buy call liaooo ^_-
I still think they will fly a little more.

 TP 4 EAH = 0.165+ Cabut !

Marco 0.195 Cabut

Psiptek  -.36+- cabut .

D above is my stock holdings 4 EAH, MARCO & PSIPTEK , if I add with  my win win 50/50 fund , I hv 400 lots of EAH @ 0.1275 , 300 lots of MARCO @ 0.17 & 120 lots of PSIPTEK @0.315.

Bear in mind , all these r penny stock , they r moving bcos d current theme is "PENNY PLAY " , otherwise they will stand there like a rock with very little vol traded , once u see 20% +- returns from it, take profit & cabut !

TA losers used 2 say , they know how 2 spot d entry , MY FOOT ! they dont even know what is mkt sentiment n theme play .

4 speculation play , u need 2 hv theme , it can be property theme play , ONG theme play , warrant theme play &...... , most important u need 2 know what theme is going on...once u get d theme , looks 4 those unmoved FA stock , preferable those with PE below 10 , once u see vol, go 4 it, buy n hold !

Yr chances of wining is more than 80% if u 4low d step I mentioned above.

I am here 2 show ta losers, if u wanna 2 challenge me in speculation , u still hv long long way 2 reach my level .

Use common sense 2 speculate , u stand a high chance 2 win , much much better than those tak ada akal method !

All these r common sense , what candle stick , macd, bollinger band all these r crabs !  u still havent kick d basket yet, y use candle stick ? LOL!


Now u see y readers trust my method more than fun manager darlie singh 's murah sakit method ^_- LOL! 

Is my profit stop here ? more $$$$$$ 2 come baby ^_-

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

^V^ Y readers trust me more than ah ben ? I called 2 buy SEAL @ 0.53 n ah ben ask his fans 2 buy @ 1.35 , LOL ! ^V^


B4 I make fun on ah ben , let take a look at Haven resorts in Ipoh,  d resorts I stayed  last week , this resorts or condo located not far away from lost world Tambun , about 3 km away from Ipoh town , quite a nice place 2 stay with very good environmental .

D owner of this condo is my friend , hence I get a best rate of RM 400 per night , 4 rooms with attached bathroom n fully renovated .

It is worth 2 stay here  4 a day or  2 , Jalan jalan  n makan makan  ard Ipoh  is quite fun n very enjoyable.

K...let touch a little bit on ah ben , this guy is very cute , he made a few good call using FA , but... when he started 2 use tak ada akal method ( charting ) , his performance drop drastically ! LOL!  still he think that ta can help him 2 times d entry ^_- LOL!

He made a buy call on SEAL @ 1.35 yesterday , well...no question at all SEAL is a FA stock but then horrrr..... y cant his chart or ta trigger a buy call on SEAL @ 0.53 like what I did ?

I called 2 buy SEAL @ 0.53 , click here 2 c >


After more than 100% up then only ah ben jump out 2 call buy on SEAL  , dont u think it is ridiculous ?

Now u see d different btwn fundamentalist n ta loser ^_-

Now u know y readers trust me more than ah ben ^_- LOL!

Friday, July 25, 2014

^V^ Selamat Hari Raya ^V^ Profit of RM 680,000+ or 260% returns within 24 months ^V^


First of all , I would like 2 wish all my Muslim fans a "HAPPY HARI RAYA " .


I just came across from my RHB web n found that with capital of RM 260K in mid of 2012, I hv made about RM 680,000 or approximate  260% returns with 24 months , amazing ? well... not really if u compare with my best performance year in  2005 -2006 , 260% returns is nothing 2 shout about !  click here 2 c >


K..how I made RM 680,000 in 2 years ?

First attachment  ...see d first attachment , d realized profit from local stock. Profit of RM 325K+

Click here 2 c > http://samltt88.blogspot.com/

Second attachment ... Realized profit of USD 18.8K from US stock , RM 60K +

Third attachment  ..... Realized profit of HKD 248K  from Hong Kong stock .  RM 105K+

Fourth ...From my Platinum win win 50/50 fund .... Profit of RM 190K+

Click here 2 c > http://samgang.blogspot.com/2014/05/v-130-lots-of-ytl-151-n-skpres-035-sold.html


So how ta losers chinyk, ah chart n alexlulu ? never 4get oso my old buddies of  sour cow moolah, darlie singh n his sugar boy mr dummy ?

Esp mr dummy , u told  d world that following Samgoss in shares will never bring u profit but losses !

How true how true !?  Ha ha   LOL!

Do u know I hv few die hard fans made more than 1 million  in these 2 years ?   ^_-

Guys, do u know y bloggers like darlie, mo mo cow , alexlulu n dummy  keeping so quiet lately ?

Know y ?

Cos they know very well , d more they critics me , d more new readers will join my private blog , y ? cos bottom line !!!  all these ppl trust nothing but PROVEN TRACK RECORDS which they cant get it from darlie, mo mo cow , alexlulu n dummy blog !  LOL!

K..is time 4 holidays liaooo....

I will be away till 3 of August , c u n berhati hati di jalan raya yah ^_-

Friday, July 18, 2014

^V^ TQ Mr dummy 4 promoting my blog n make me famous ^_- TQVM !LOL! ^V^


I just came across this cute blogger mr dummy , he is trying 2 promote my blog 4 me ^_- LOL!

From my fans feed back , u can see he get so frustrated after knowing his accusation on me failed speechlessly ^_-

Hello mr dummy , r u sugar boy of moolah or darlie ? sorry lo... I makes u guys disappointed again   , maaf yah ^_-

Btw... thanks 4 promoting my blog FOC , as at today, I hv about 3,600+ private blog members ,


I think some of these members r recommended by u...LOL!

Hv a nice week end my dear dummy . 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

^V^ Hovid-wb @ 0.185 , it is 0.27 now , 46% returns within 1 month ! OMG ! ah chart curi my pick !? ^V^

2 all , still remember my stock in my radar 4 year of horse which I posted in Feb 2014 ? I talked about  BUY Hovid @ 0.32 ? Flying now ^_-

See d above attachments

Did I buy Hovid ? no...but I did buy in some Hovid-@0.185 on 6  n 16 of June  ,  not many but 275 lots + win 50/50 75 lots . see d above attachment .

It touched as high as 0.275 which giving u returns of 46% within 1 month ^_- how u like that ta losers ? LOL!

FYI, alexlulu just calling buy on Hovid @ 0.41 today ! what d hell !??? up almost 30% then only ask ppl 2 chase ?this is a typical buy high sell low method ^_- LOL!

I think ah chart curi my pick after seeing my call on Hovid , he bot in quite alot of Hovid-wb , if I ask u guys 2 buy in , with d purchasing power of my 3,500 + blog members  , I am afraid it will push d share price up 2 benefits ah chart ^_-

Hovid-wb is abit out of money ,I am taking a little bit of risk here , my intention here is , if Hovid-wb shoot up , I will still make $$$$ from it , n if she stays there or down ..I will make fun on ah chart ^_-

Either way  oso I  win ^_-

I am sure some of u guys hv bot in its mom Hovid oso ..

So ah chart , y u 4low my pick ?  hiding in my private blog ?

Aisehhh...like that cannot lah ^_-   LOL! 

Friday, July 4, 2014

^V^ 50 lots of Tiangong @ HKD 1.14 giving me unrealized profit of HKD 15K or 30% returns within 2 weeks ^V^


2 all esp ta losers out there , my call 2 buy HK stock Tiangong  @ HKD 1.14 on 18 June 2014 strike again !   Tiangong closed today @ HKD 1.42 , unrealized profit stood @ HKD 15k or 30% returns within 2 weeks. see d above...

So ..what do u think ? ^_- ... I am so chun ? I dunno.. what say u ta losers ? 

Tell u a joke here, ta loser alexlulu posted a SELL call on  Multico in his blog last week ,  he said PE 4 Multico is ard 7+, OMG !  from here u can see how good is his fundamental analysis ?...ha ha .

Let me tell u y it is a good qe 4 Multico , qtq drop 70% ???

Of coz no ? Previous qtr , its qe = 45.83 with revenue of 23,913 , latest qe = 10.63 with revenue of 22, 789.

Compares its revenue q 2 q , almost d same , but how on earth its  previous qe can be 45.83 ??? no need 2 ask ah kuai , it must be due 2 some one off gain lah.

Hence...conservatively , take d latest qe of 10.63 , if u times 4 , u will get 43 cts 4 year of 2014 , which give u PE of 4+- ! see ?

ta loser alexlulu give her a sell cos he said its PE is now stood @ 7+ ...ha ha he knows nut about FA ! PE 7+????

kepala otak engkau !

Go n learn more FA then only u do blogging lah !

Am I sound lansi ? well...YES! when I deal with ta losers I am damn damn lansi ! sorry cant help it...I was born as ta killer ^_-

I know there r alot of ta losers hiding in my private blog here , they want 2 curi my picks here , this make me feel extremely high now , I love it very much , there I make fun on u , here u pay me 4 my FA ,

kepuasan optima ! 

U know...those days , there r alot ta fans from alexlulu , ze moolah, chinyk , ben tay,  mike loser blog, they dont agree with my FA at all ,  they said how on earth this cinapek Sam can beat their gurus , ha ha ..

But too bad, after so many years of my proven track records , they got no choice but 2 accept that I am much much better than their gurus !^_-

That s y they willing 2 pay 2 join my private blog , I can names few of them here , they still using d same username in those ta losers blog , but it is not nice 4 me 2 bring them up here , u know I know lah ^_-

Guys, still remember u shoot me in ta loser blog ? how now ? ha ha ..

When I called 2 buy SEAL, ENGTEX n ULICORP, no broking hse calling buy at that time ! this is my talent !When  I see a buy,  they r still blur blur !




They dont come from Cold Eyes, Koon YewYin  n Tan Teng Boo , if not , ta losers will tell me... chehhh.. Samgoss curi their picks mah....right ta losers ?? ^_-


Friday, June 27, 2014

^V^ 80 lots of Ulicorp @ 1.05 , it is now 1.42, unrealized profit stood @ RM 33 K+ ! 2 be succeeded in life, stocks mkt or career , it is very much depends on who u know rather than what u know ^_-


My FA strike again !!! bot 80 lots of Ulicorp @ 1.05 ( 35 lots under win win 50/50 fund ).it is now 1.42 + 3 cts dividend recd last week,  RM33 K + unrealized profit within 2 months , see d above attachments .

2 all ta losers , esp alexlulu n mike loser , still think that ignoring ta at my own risk ? LOL!

2 all , if u want 2 get rich , this is what u need 2 know >

2 be succeeded in life/stock mkt/career , it is very much depends on who u know rather than what u know !

if u still dun understand, read d below :-


In English , it goes :-

Tycoon Li Kar Sing 's driver is going 2 retire soon , Mr Li gave him a chq amounted HKD 2 million , but it was rejected by his driver , his driver said :

Tq Mr Li , HKD 2 mil 2 me is sup sup sui , I can come out with 100 to 200 million anytime if I want , Mr Li was shocked n asked : how on earth u can hv so much saving ?

His driver replied : Well my boss , every time when u on line with someone talking about which stock 2 buy n which property 2 purchase , I over heard it , I 4low u 2 buy abit , that s y I can hv so much of saving.

From d above , it shows us :- what u know is not important , but WHO U KNOW is d KEY SUCCESS !

2 my private blog fans , r u guys my driver ? ha ha.... results speak by itself .


G???, ????G n MXXCCXX  r sure win stokcs like Ulicorp... d only problem with u guys is " some of u hv no patience n holding power "

????  n XXXXX consists more than RM 300K of my portfolio , do u hv d patience like me ?


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

^V^ Profit of HKD 16 K+ from China Power n swap to XXXX n ???? ^V^


I hv sold all my China Power @ HKD 2.90 n HKD 2.94 for swap 2 ???? @ HKD  ???? n TXXXXXX @ HKD 1.14 .

Profit from China Power = , Cost HKD 2.70+ , Dividend = 0.202 + , sold @ avf 2.90 , HKD 0.20 profit  per lot , hence 40 lots x 0.40 = HKD 16K +-.  can tak ada akal  method bring u such a returns ? LOL!

XXXXX n ??????, These 2 stocks r now traded @ almost 52 weeks low , they hv stable earnings in past years  , fair dividend paid up almost very year , n oso both of them r now traded @ PE < 5 , d price now is damn bargain n once mkt bounce up , 30 to 50 % returns from them shld not be a problem at all.

So far .... HK stocks benefits me well  ..I like HK stocks bcos they r very liquid n d fluctuation is great , u can make big bucks in btwn.

Last week, I spend most of my time watching World Cup in China  , World Cup fever in China is hotter than Malaysia , u can see all World cup promo stuffs at every corner in China , up from 5 stars hotel down 2 hawker stall . I hv taken some pictures in Shenzhen airport , d NEW Shenzhen airport is nice ! very trendy n up 2 date .

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

^V^ World Cup 2014 ! Which country will lifts d cup ? ^V^


World cup 2014 is right at d corner , here r d goodies 4 my private blog fans n oso those who wants 2 join my private blog 4 free , if u can guess ALL d  below correctly :-

1) D semifinalist , which 4 teams ?

2) Finalist - which 2 teams ?

3) Champion ?

4) Score of d Final ( extra time no included )

Closing date 16 June 2014.

My Prediction is Brazil d champion , runner up Argentina , score 2 : 1.

Sorry 2 say that England do not stand a chance 2 win , ther r only  good in marketing , that s y a lot of youngsters tot they r a strong team ! LOL!

level wise , they r top in second class but last in  first class .

I will be away 4 biz trip 2molo, till I come back..cu ^_-

Saturday, June 7, 2014

^V^ Redang Island ..still as beautiful as b4 ^V^


Just came back from Redang Island.. I been there 11 years ago n it is still as beautiful as b4 ^_-

Holidays in Redang  without snorkeling is like makan nasi lemak without sambal .

D sea water there  is so clear till u can see fishes swimming  ard u . 4 those who never been there ,besides Sipadan in Sabah  ,  this is d place u must pay a visit ..U WILL NEVER REGRET !

Recommended Resorts :-

Berjaya Redang or Laguna Redang .

Touch a little bit on shares , I dont think mkt will go far away from current level giving d fact that WORLD CUP is approaching , I still hv some solid FA stocks in hand , these stocks r merely 4 mid n long term play , hence..World cup factor got nothing 2 do with me.