Friday, April 18, 2014

^V^ GOB @ 0.82 , it is now 1.15 ! 40% up within 2 months ! Malton @ 0.96, it is now 1.06 ! >10% up within 3 days ^V^


Time 2 tease ta losers alexlulu...ah chart , chinyk n ah bone..can yr tak ada akal method profits u like my FA ? LOL!

I called 2 buy GOB in my private blog last month , see d above attachment , GOB closed @ 1.15 today! > 40% up from my cost within 1 month !  Amazing ?

Another one is Malton @ 0.96 , I called 2 buy on Tuesday , within 3 working days, she gone up > 10 % n now closed @ 1.15 ^_-

Fyi, this is my second entry of Malton , I hv made about RM4k+ from Malton in Sep 2013.

My xxxxxx is coming NEXT liaooo...wanna 2 know what is XXXX ? LOL! I will tell u once she shoot up ^_-

Btw, let hv some fun here with ah chart..d super ta loser of all time...he just posted in his blog today saying "
My previous comment on market was that the uptrend would continue into 1Q 2014 and FBM KLCI in fact did so by staying close to its historical high."

Ha ha ...he is super thick skin , his last blogging was telling d world as below >>

Up till now, I'm still holding on to my next major down-leg target of FBM KLCI at 800 (best case: 1,000), even though the index continues to climb higher (seemingly a Wall of Worry to me). 
It's apparent that the economy keeps producing more system imbalances amid more mistakes from policymakers; governments remain active and creative at the Money-Printing Magic Show; people remain drunk at a party and still wanting more (greed without sensible assessment of risk); risk and reward disorder where dumb money are being rewarded while smart money getting punished; and government on a driver seat while businesses on passenger seat in a financial ride toward a "supposedly" better tomorrow.


Which is which ah chart ? did u say that ? LOL!  n oso...what happen 2 yr MAS @ 0.38 , u posted there u bot in ALOT @ 0.38, how now ? did u cut loss or still holding ? y u never tell yr fans ? LOL! 

Stayed tune yah ^_-LOL! 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

^V^ Our Hero Mr Karpal Singh . RIP 永别了,日落洞之虎 ^V^


U r our Hero FOREVER ....Mr Karpal Singh . May god be with u n RIP . 

Friday, April 11, 2014

^V^ How I help my sister 2 make RM101 K or 267% returns from shares mkt !? ^V^


As promised yesterday , I will show u how I help my sister 2 make RM101K or 267% returns  from shares mkt ...see d above attachments ^_-

Needless 2 say more ^_- MR FA is d key man . FYI, my sister is a conservative investor , once she bot , it is not easy 2 ask her 2 sell 4 profit , normally she will keep it under her pillow 4 yearssss.... example,,Dialog... she has been keeping this darling 4 more than 3 years .

So ta losers out there , same old saying, ignore my FA at yr own risk ^_- even warren buffet oso said that, read d below :-  n even yr blog  fans oso supporting my FA method in forum, read d above attachments ^_-

Guys, do u know y all d ta losers stop attacking me ? d reason is d more they attack me, d more new members I will get cos once they attack me on their blog , their fans will get 2 know me , once they see my proven track records , they will join my private blog n leave those ta loser blogs far far away ^_- is too late 4 them 2 know my trick liaooo...LOL!

Btw...look ard many ppl can  make RM85K within 4 months in 2014 ? I still havent really count yet ... HKD90K profit= Rm 40K +-, Unrealized profit in KLSE = RM30K , those I hv sold in past few months such as Thplant, Tijay, Airasia ....about 15K +, TP of RM100K profit shouldn't be any problem liaooo, I am eyeing RM200K profit by end of d year , not easy but achievable, Insyaallah ^_-

I sound very lansi ? yes I am..but I am only telling d truth ! making money from stock mkt can never satisfy me 100% , d one which satisfy me d most is :-

I make ta losers look BRAINLESS ! here they attack me there they join my private blog quietly ! n oso there r a lot of banana bloggers out there saying " what d hack is this cina pek blog  ? y so many ppl subscribed 2 his private blog ? D answer is simple >

Make money from stock is depends on brain play (FA) ! not yr hanky panky  ta ^_- got it dudes ?  LOL!  

2 be very frank , if there is reincarnation, giving me a choice , I wanna 2 be cina pek oso ^_-I am really proud 2 be Chinese ^_^ absolutely PROUD !

Warren Buffet's strategy on technical analysis

Apr 5, 2000

After much research and experience in investing I've discovered a simple strategy which works very well for profitable investing. It's a composite of Charles Schwab's and Warren Buffet's strategy. As you may know, Warren Buffet started with a little investment decades ago and now he's the third richest man in the world with over $30,000,000,000 in stock in the company he built. Charles Schwab is the genius who began the most successful off-price brokerage in the world. Here's what they say about investing and technical analysis:

Rule number one: Buy a company you'd be willing to hold for a lifetime.

When you put your money in a stock, you become an owner of that firm. You're essentially buying part of it and you reap the profit from the shares you buy in terms of earnings per share. Then the company may pay out those earnings per share in dividends or invest back into the company for growth. Make sure that you're buying a firm that you can depend on, even when the market is down. Investing isn't about the quick in-and-out schemes that lose most day-traders money. That's called gambling. Investing is putting your trust and your resources into a firm which you're willing to commit your hard-earned money to. This leads to my next point.

Rule number two: Ignore technical analysis.

Technical analysis is used to predict whether or not a stock will go up or down in the short term. Some people think that they can ignore the fundamentals of the companies they buy based on technical analysis and end up losing large amounts of money. Yet, no responsible financial advisor would recommend or practice buying based solely or largely on technical analysis. That practice is used for what I defined to be gambling. Essentially relying on technical analysis involves looking at the volume of trading, advances/declines in the share price, and trying to determine whether or not the price will continue upward or reverse. For example, a lot of people buy or sell based on momentum. They jump on the bandwagon or abandon ship with the rest of the crowd. Yet, these fluctuations based on the herd mentality do less for those playing on technical analysis and more for the investor who looks for good value in shares. For, often people selling on technical analysis overshoot and cause a stock's value to be worth less than its fair value. Thanks to people who get burned on these losses, investors find unique opportunities to snatch up great comanies at bargain-basement prices.

Rule number three: Focus on the Fundamentals.

You cannot accurately predict the short term price fluctuations of stocks. Let me repeat myself: You CANNOT accurately predict the short term price fluctuations of stocks. If you could, those stock experts working at Merrill Lynch and Goldman Sachs wouldn't be working. Believe me: they've got a lot more experience than you or I do, and they're not gambling. So, instead of "investing on luck" or momentum, take control and do your research. Find out whether the company is consistantly outpacing the industry. See what the price to earnings ratio is and whether it's being undervalued. Find out whether earnings per share has been increasing or decreasing. See what the financial community thinks by examining analyst opinions covering the firm. All this information is easily accessable over the internet and free of charge. IF you do your homework your gains will be all but certain OVER TIME and you'll feel satisfied and proud with your investment choices. You may even become attached to your company and become well acquainted with it.

Rule number four: Buy long term

Besides your liklihood of making money going up, there are tax advantages to holding stocks long term. For one thing, if you simply hold onto your stock, you won't be taxed until you pull out and your investment can continue to compound, without erosion, until you sell. But, if you constantly buy and sell, then you're taxed on all your gains and you don't get to pay the lower capital gains tax. Instead, it's taxed as regular income, which is a higher tax rate. For most daytraders, tax erosion is one of the biggest problems with making any profit. But, if you do sell make sure it's because your company has been consistently underperforming. This leads to the next point:

Rule number five: Buy low sell high.

Lots of people buy stocks and when the price dips they get scared and sell. Other people see the price of their stock go up and buy more. But, this seems like reverse logic, right? If you own a good company, short-cited investors can drive down a stock price temporarily because of one below-expected earnings report or a bit of bad news. Let these be times for you to take advantage of other people's hysteria and buy at an attractive price.

Be smart in your investment decisions. Warren Buffet didn't find himself where he is today by buying on momentum or following technical analysis. Instead, it took research, patience, and commitment. If you can commit yourself to these same principles, you too will enjoy financial success.

Monday, April 7, 2014

^V^ RM 30K+ unrealized profit in hand after taken HKD 90K+ profit from HKEX?^V^


Cheng Cheng Cheng ! after taken HKD 90K+  profit ... now I am enjoying RM 30K+- unrealized profit in hand ^_- amazing ? doubt ? see d above attachment or log into my private blog 2 c yrself lol .

From d above attachment, 3 stocks making about RM 30K+ in total of them just bot in today 7/4/2014,  oledi with profit of RM1,338 in hand liaooo...

D other one bot on 24/3/2014 , just 1 month only..profit oledi  RM13K + liaooo... GENG !?

Wanna 2 know what stocks that given me unrealized profit of RM30K ? stay tuned ok ? once they go another 10 % up , I will blog it up here 4 u 2 "SOUR" . LOL!

So how ta losers ? like alexlulu said : ignore my FA advice @ yr own risk ^_-+

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

^V^ China Rail @ HKD 3.07 n Bjlandcapital @HKD 2.57 with realized profit of HKD 90K+ , swap all 2 XXXX @ HKD ??? ^V^


2 all ,  I hv sold off my remaining bjlandcapital  n China rail @ HKD 3.65 today , see d above attachment, after d disposal of Bjlandcapital n China rail which giving me realized profit of HKD 90K+ ( 8 lots of Bjland capital x dividend of 0.25HKD, not included in d above calculation yet ) , I make a swap 2 XXXX @ HKD 2.??+ .

TP 80 lots ... bot in 40 lots today n will buy more @ below HKD 2.?? .


1) Very safe @ current level of 2.?? , its year low was only 2.?? , not really move yet as compared 2 China rail n Bjlandcapital .

2) PE stood @ 6+

3) Sort of Monopoly biz..we hv margin of safety in mid n long term.

4) Dividend yield > 7%

4 those who hv made from Bjlandcapital n China rail..if u do d swap , yr cost of ????? is only HKD 1.70 , do u think she will fall below that ?

2 SJ n all d ta losers out there , wanna 2 know what is XXXXX ? stay tuned , will tell u once she rocket up ^_-
Gd luck

Sunday, March 30, 2014

^V^ A message 2 mainland Chinese over d issue of MH370 ^V^

A nice reply  from one of my fan 2 his mainland Chinese friend , see d above ... d second one is my we chat with friend in mainland China.

愤青的是你们 也不想想汶川时候我们捐出多少錢幇助你们 將心比心 不要动不动就耍杯葛什么 這怎么能成为一个页责任的大国呢? 你懂嗎? 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

^V^ China Rail @ 3.07 giving me profit of HKD 37K within 2 weeks , total profit from Bjlandcapital n China Rail = HKD 70K within 2 months ^V^


As promise 2 ta losers that if XXXX rose above HKD 3.50 , I will blog it up n tell u what is XXXX , k..XXXX is China Rail @ HKD 3.06+ , it is now closed @ HKD 3.53 , see d above attachments.

D below is what I posted in my private blog today :-

Touch abit on China rail , it keeps rising today , as I said , I will sell in stages @ anything above HKD 3.50 , sold 30 lots @ HKD 3.52 this morning, bal in hand= 50 lots , will sell on rise again.

This swap from Bjlandcapital 2 China rail is SUPERB ! click d below link 2 c yrself >

China rail went all d way up n Bjlandcapital goes d other way .Profit from China rail stood @ HKD 37K+- , n profit from Bjlandcapital was ard HKD 33K , total profit HKD 70 K within 2 months.  HKD 70K = RM 30K .... not bad yah ^_-

There is old saying ; 2 believe someone  is dangerous but it is even more dangerous if u believe NO ONE  ( Samgoss ) , especially those ta losers who dont believe me ( MR FA ) LOL!


Friday, March 21, 2014

^V^ Within a week , XXXX giving me paper profit of HKD 23K+ n Latitud @2.46 giving u 23 cts profit ^V^


How good is my FA ? well..seeing is believing , see d above attachment n click d below link :-

Sold 80 lots of Bjland capital on 14/3/2014 with realized profit of 32K+ n swap all 2 XXXX @ HKD 3.07 , XXXX is now HKD 3.37 which giving me unrealized profit of HKD 24k +  . I hv made about HKD 56 K + with d above swap ^_-

Btw..I called 2 buy Latitud @ 2.46 on Monday ( see d attachment) , within 5 working days , she shot up 2 as high as 2.75 , almost 30 cts gain within a week, how u like that ?

So... 2 ta losers , ah bone , alexlulu n ah chart , still ignoring ta with my own risk ? LOL!

Wanna 2 know what is XXXXX ? k.. will disclose it when she cross HKD 3.50 ..k ?

Stay tuned yah ^_-

Friday, March 14, 2014

^V^ Bjland capital giving me profit of HKD 33K , where as ta loser ah bone's call of Cresbld n TRC giving u losses > 20% ^V^

Posted in my private blog on Samgoss on March 12, 2014 at 7:55 pm


Latest update , I hv taken profit on Bjland cap for 80 lots @ 3.13 ( Realized profit ard HKD 32K + )n swap all 2 China XXXX @ HKD ??? this afternoon , y I did that ?

1) Though I still confident that Bjlandcap will fly further up in mid term but I feel more safer n confident on China ???? @ HKD ?????  , Y ? bcos China ????? is a BLUECHIP n is now traded @ year low . ( see d attachment )

2) After d above swap , my cost 4 China  ????? is now stood @ HKD ?.67 +- ( Profit from Bjlandcap is ard HKD 0.41 , so..?.07 - 0.41 = ?.67 ), at cost of HKD  ?.67 , I am pretty safe now , unless there is unforeseen stuff happen 2molo, otherwise I dont think China ???? will drop below HKD ?.67 .

3) At time we bot our Bjlandcapital , China ???? was traded @ 4.10+- , Bjlandcap gone all d way up n China ????? went d other way .D gap is about HKD 1.50+ .

4) Year high 4 China XXXX was HKD 4.69 where as year high 4 Bjland cap is only HKD 3.54 . this means it is easier 4 China ????? 2 bounce above ?.50 than Bjcap land . Theoretically,  China ???? will fly up faster than Bjcap-land if there is a mkt re-bounce  .

5) U may ask me , since I am so confident on Bjlandcap 2 fly further up , y still I sell it 4 profit ? well... d reason is I dont want 2 over explore my fund into shares , my current holding ( all regional shares ) is close 2 RM 400K , my max 4 share investment is ard 0.5 mil .

Year high 4 China ???  in past ;-

2008  HKD 1??+

2009  HKD ?8.20

2011  HKD  ?5.90

2013  HKD  ?5.10

From d above year high , I am seeking 4 range btwn HKD ?.50 to HKD ?.80 for China ???? , 4 a bluechip stock that traded @ PE 6+ , do u think I am too optimistic ? ^_-

2 all d ta losers out there , from d above chart , u can see China ????? has gone all d way down n oledi breaks its supporting level , according 2 technical analysis , it is a SELL ! k... grants u a chance 2 shames me , I dun agree with that , it is a BUY from my FA analysis , so... dares 2 challenge me ? anyone ?

I am still holding 8 lots of Bjlandcap in hand  .

If u hv profit in Bjland cap like me , u r advice 2 4low me .

Btw, look at our Cepat ... rose another 4 cts today , it is now 1.13, profit is more than 20% liaooo.

K, let come back 2 ta loser ah bone , know who is ah bone ? ah bone is mo mo cow ( ze moola )  's sugar boy.

See d above attachments , ta loser ah bone called 2 buy TRC @ 0.61 n Cresbld @ 1.55 last week ,  TRC closed @  0.545 n Cresbld closed @ 1.33 , LOL!

2 my understanding that technical analysis has a stop loss level ( cut loss ) , so how now ah bone ... did u trigger yr cut loss button on TRC n Cresbld ?

Y keeping so quiet like ah chart ??? LOL! ah chart can take a break now...cos I am now focusing on ah bone liaooo ^_-

So...2 all ta losers out there , still think that ignoring technical analysis at my own risk ? LOL!

Btw, where is yr sugar daddy ze moola ? hurry ! seeks 4 his help now cos Samgoss is now eyeing on u liaooo ! LOL!

Friday, March 7, 2014

^V^ 20 lots of Thplant @ 1.78 , it is now 2.11 , no big deal just 4 weekend pocket money only ^V^


Plantation stock rocks ! as expected n predicted in Dec 2013 , see d above attachment.

Nothing 2 shout about cos d profit or paper profit I made is kacang putih only, but still I need 2 blog it here 2 tease ah chart n alexlulu. so mr alexlulu... still think that ignoring ta at my own risk ? LOL!

As mentioned in my posting months ago  , I foresees that Plantation stock would be d coming "theme" in year 2014 , Bingo ! I strike again ^_-

FORESIGHT ! U must be able 2 anticipate stuff that going 2 be happened in d coming year , catch d theme n buy in @ low ^_- That s how I make $$$ in shares mkt .

U cant wait 4 d theme 2 come out then only u buy in , it would be too late n d price is no longer cheap anymore  !

Some may ask...aiyahhh ah sam , how come u always make money one ??? sorry dude..know y ? cos I am a "FUNDAMENTALIST " .

Saturday, March 1, 2014

^V^ Airasia @ 2.28+- , it is now 2.55 ! Profit again within 2 months , not a good pick but is more than enuf 2 shames ta losers liao ^V^


I made a buy call on Airasia @ 2.28 b4 CNY , see d above attachments ^_-

I hv bot in 40 lots of them @ avg  2.28+- ( inclusive of win 50/50 fund )  , oledi sold 20% 4 profit @ 2.55 yesterday , d rest will hold 4 further rise.

Though I hv profited from AA but  I dont feel excited at  all , cos d money I made is too little as compared 2 my other strike stocks .

BUTTTTT..... at this type of volatile mkt , 80% of d traders r making losses , hence, it is still a good pick if I wanna 2 use it 2 tease ta losers esp ah chart , this guy is stop blogging since October 2013 , do u know y ?

cos his MAS @ 1.05 (bot in  year 2012  n went in again @ 0.33 last year ) , MAS is now traded @ 0.25 , that s y he stop blogging !   he feel shame 2 show his face in  blog world  I guess ^_-

2 ah chart , which method is better ? FA or ta ?  same goes 2 alexlulu ... what say u alex ? ignore ta at my own risk ? LOL!

After d 20 % disposal of Airasia @2.55 yesterday , I hv swap it 2 XXXXX @  2.xx , XXXX is a sure win stock 4 mid n long term play , I hv 60 lots of XXXX in hand now , wanna 2 know which one ? ta losers ? LOL!

Hv a nice weekend . 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

^V^ PJDEV-WC @ 0.26+- , It is now 0.81 ! When I called buy , ze-moola laugh @ me ^V^


Check d above attachments , I called 2 buy PJDEV-WC @ 0.26+ , ze-moolah n his gang laugh at me , click d below link 2 c yrself how they accuse me for cheating them >

2 mo mo n his gang , u will be making big big money if u 4low me 2  buy PJDEC-WC EVEN @ 0.31 ,  so... still think that ah sam is a conman  ? sour no cure mr mo mo ^_-

So sour moola n his gang , is that not a good buy even @ 0.31 ? Ha ha ..... where r u guys hiding now ?

FYI, after this incident , mo mo is no longer blogging now  , may be he feel shame 2 blog anymore ^_-

See d above attachments about  my FA approach on PJDEV-WC in my private blog ^_-

From 0.26 to 0.81 , if one still holding in hand like my  weird stingy  fan SJ ( sorry dude , I made even more after my swap 2 Rexlot n ????? )  , how many times of return he made from this bugger ?