Friday, September 26, 2014

^V^ My lucky stock YTLPOWER @ 1.46+ giving me unrealized profit of RM25K+ within 2 months ^V^


It has been more than 2 weeks I didnt blog up here , some may think uncle Sam did not make any bucks from shares mkt liaoo...LOL!

Sorry dudes , I still make awesome returns in bearish mkt lately ^_-

Bot in YTLPOWER @ 1.46+  on August , unrealized profit is now stood @ RM25K + ^_- ( My RHB n Kenanga portfolio + Samgang win win 50/50 fund )

FYI, this is not my first profit from YTLPOWER , I hv made more than RM300 K from YTL group since year 2005 , click d below link 2 c yrself  ....

See ? Do I need 2 say more ?

Once again , from d latest biz weekly , one ta loser called 2 buy YTLPOWER @ 1.62 ...I really wonder y they dont buy at low , Y need 2 wait till she rose 16cts up then only he called buy ? is this d beauty of ta ? LOL!

This is typical buy high sell low from tak ada akal method  LOL!

My  M??????oso coming strongly from behind , oledi up 19 cts since I bot , will blog up next week if she rose further

Stayed tune 4 my latest update yah ^_-

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