Friday, September 12, 2014

^V^ 120 lots of Psiptek giving me realized profit of RM 11K + within 36 days ^V^


Hello again, yes is me again, making another RM11K from Pisptek @ 0.315 , do I need tak ada akal method 2 times my entry ?

On 4 August , I made a call on Pisptek @ 0.315 ,  it is now 0.395 ^_- 30% returns within 2 months ^_-

Do I need 2 say more ?

Bear in mind , all these r penny stock , they r moving bcos d current theme is "PENNY PLAY " , otherwise they will stand there like a rock with very little vol traded , once u see 20% +- returns from it, take profit & cabut !

TA losers used 2 say , they know how 2 spot d entry , MY FOOT ! they dont even know what is mkt sentiment n theme play .

4 speculation play , u need 2 hv theme , it can be property theme play , ONG theme play , warrant theme play &...... , most important u need 2 know what theme is going on...once u get d theme , looks 4 those unmoved FA stock , preferable those with PE below 10 , once u see vol, go 4 it, buy n hold !

Yr chances of wining is more than 80% if u 4low d step I mentioned above.

I am here 2 show ta losers, if u wanna 2 challenge me in speculation , u still hv long long way 2 reach my level .
Use common sense 2 speculate , u stand a high chance 2 win , much much better than those tak ada akal method !
All these r common sense , what candle stick , macd, bollinger band all these r crabs !  u still havent kick d basket yet, y use candle stick ? LOL!

FYI, my XXXXXXX is rising slowly but surely , unrealized profit is now stood @ RM15K , I believe she will rose further up next week .

Stay tuned 4 d latest update..ok ? LOL! 


良中 said...

Sam, still remember me 118 ? stopped investing in stock market after my right shoulder's injury while playing badminton. I went for a surgery and it took me almost a year to recover. Just back to have my hand on computer again half a year ago.
Really missed your blog and i had just renewed my membership this morning.
Need to wait for 3 days while waiting for my log in id ?
Hope to log in to your private blog the soonest.

Samgoss said...

Really ? Let c how ...SC 75. Lol!