Saturday, November 2, 2013

^V^ Happy Deepavali , ECS @1.16+ n YTL @ 1.51 ^V^


First of all, 2 all my Indian fans, I wish u all a happy Deepavali , may all d good stuffs, prosperity n happiness be with u 4ever.

I hv bot in 50 lots of YTL @ 1.51+ last month , this is swap from Ytlpower-wb @0.38  n oso Rexlot @0.47+ .

2 all, what I did this week ?  I bot 30 lots of XXXX @ 0.695 , 20 lots of ECS @ 1.16+ n 10 lots of XXXXX @ ?.05 , see d above attachments, all gone up handsomely esp ECS .

If u r observant enuf,  my recent buying is not much if u compared with my buying in early of d year  , those days when I buy , stock that below 1.00 ...I will buy at least 100 lots n above , so..if u wanna 2 4low me , keep an eye on yr cash vs shares ratio .

Fyi, I still stick 2 my previous viewing , d QE pull out is only matter of time , how soon only ! , based on theory n latest news , it will pull out @ end of 1st qtr 2014 but u will never know , we may get caught in surprise , but @ d same time , world stock mkt keeps going up ..hence, in order 2 prevent us from opportunity loss , buy some for quick bucks.

TP 4XXX... it touched 0.855 in early this year , my tp 10 to 15% from my cost .

Those laggard stocks that traded in single digit PE worth 4 consideration , if timing n luck on our side , after YTL, ECS n  ????? ,,, we can do swap  n make money again  .

ECS closed @ 1.34 today , I may sell on strength n in stages next week .

As 4 ????? , she is still trading @ low , TP 2 buy 30 lots , now only hv 10 lots in hand , if she ever drop below ?.08, I will buy on dip again, initial TP 4 her is ard ?.50 which I think is achievable , she is now traded @ PE ard 16 which is considered low if u compares with its industry PE of 20+ .


Michael Vincent said...

Hi there Sam! Is there anyway that I can reach you through email? Thanks!

Samgoss said...

2 Micheal, d only way u can reach me is here >

a said...

hi sam koh,
i have pay and subscribe to your blog, pls send me user id and password. tq