Friday, August 29, 2014

^V^ SUPER INVESTOR MR KOON YEW YIN ,technical analysis makes him from HERO to ZERO ! Y ? ^V^


As known 2 u all, Mr Koon Yew Yin is a super investor in stock mkt ( that was b4 he uses technical analysis 4 his stock pick ) , he is not only super investor but oso a successful bizman , he has a KYY foundation scholarship fund 2 help those poor students .

B4 he came 2 know technical analysis ( tak ada akal method ) he has made A LOT from stock mkt , his FA approach is awesome till  I need 2 give him a dumb up !

Not so long ago , he adopted technical analysis or tak ada akal method , see d above attachments , based on his technical analysis method , he called buy on plantation stock @ CPO 2,750 4 months ago , CPO price is now traded below 2,000 n all CPO stocks hv been sky falling since d day he made that call .

See? how fool can it be !? even a super stock investor like KYY can  get caught n trap by using technical analysis , how about u ? LOL!

Conclusion. .no matter how smart u r , once u adopted technical analysis. .it will turns u from genius to super fool ! Lol!

D only thing can save his face now is his FA approach on Jtiasa n Mudajay , his Jtiasa n Mudajay will definitely bring him awesome returns in mid n long term , that is 4 sure !

I still respect Mr Koon 4 all his  good deeds  but will never agree with his technical analysis or tak ada akal method .

Show u another case ,  this guy is a small fly , his name is uncle ben ^_- I hv blogged his article up 2 weeks ago in here , click here 2 c >

Ah ben called 2 buy SEAL @ 1.35 based on his charting , SEAL is now traded below 1.20 ? how now ? cut loss n cabut ?

FYI, I made a buy call on SEAL @ 0.53 on April this year , click here 2 c >

We FA is buy low sell high , ta losers r buy high sell low !

See d different  here ?  LOL!


Samgoss said...

Hello stock trader 88 ,

Actually I hv alot 2 tell u about d FA of A????

But u mentioned about tak ada akal method in yr comment ..ha ha

Sorry, I wont benefits technical analysis 4lower like u .


By looking at yr comment of technical analysis , no need 2 ask ah kuai , u must hv making huge losses in yr shares trade .

Mohd Imran said...

Dear Sam,

I would like to thank you for teaching FA! I made 100% return in less than 6 months thanks to FA! Not to brag about the return but I want to tell that using FA feels right and makes sense.

Thank you teacher Sam. Thank you FA.

stockstrader88 said...

I believe in fundamental. But people always say fundamental decide what to buy and technical decide when to buy. I am not sure if I can combine FA and TA. Do u mean that I should totally ignore TA totally and trade solely on FA? Reading AWC Berhad quarter report, its fundamental is quite strong with low forward PE and cash per share at 19.3 cents. It looks like Faber few years ago. I plan to invest in this counter. But, I am not sure when to buy and when to sell if were to trade with it. Do you mind to give me some guidance and share more about your experience with me? I am quite new to stocks and would like to learn from you as there might be a reason on why your blog is so popular. You may reply me at if you r ok.

Samgoss said...

OMG ! stock trader 88!

U cant see Koon yew yin using technical analysis 2 times d entry meh ? based on charting when CPO price stood above 2900 , he said cpo is on up trend n ask his fans 2 buy in cpo stocks , all came down from d peak n traded @ almost year low !

2 second one,,,d small fly ah ben asked his fans 2 buy in seal @ 1.35 2 weeks ago, he oso said seal is on up trend chart , seal closed below 1.20 yesterday

R all these ta or tak ada akal method tell u when 2 buy ? LOL! u must be kidding !

We FA tell u what 2 buy n oso when 2 buy ! I made buy call on SEAL @ 0.53 on April this year , see ? FA tell u which stock 2 buy n when 2 buy ! but tak ada akal method never tell u 2 buy seal when she was traded @ 0.53 on April , did she ? still think ta tell u when 2 buy ?

Conclusion is FA tell u what n when 2 buy , ta or tak ada akal method tell u when 2 DIE ! LOL!

UN ?

Samgoss said...

Dude ..

FA decide what n when 2 buy where as ta or tak ada method decide when 2 die !


Unknown said...

You are f*cking lan see hoh !! Almost all famous investment bloggers & masters all kena criticized by you one by one until no where to hide their face !!


Next time you make mistake in stock calls, many people will come to your blog and attack you back one !

Samgoss said...

Ha ha hello mr unknown,

Yes ! I am damn lansi especially when I deal with ta losers , be it kyy or cold eyes if they uses technical analysis 4 stock pick, I will not hesitate 2 critics them ^_-

Y I never critic bursa dummy though he step me from behind ? cos he is using FA , I got no chance 2 critics them ^_- LOL!

Next time I make a bad call ? well...I am not god , sure will make bad pick one but d question here is even I make bad pick , my fans wont be criticising me , know y ? cos....out of 10 picks from me , 8 delivered , 1 break even n only 1 holland , hence , they still make tones of money , that s y I say they will not critics me ^_-LOL!

Btw...I hv been ard in blog world since 2001 in osk forum till now , my fans r getting more n more , y arh ?

I am so lansi but still ppl subscribe 2 my private blog , USD 55 or RM 188 per entry wor !? y they paid me arh ? bcos they like my lansiness ? Ha ha

Think dude think ok ?

FYI, My xxxxx is coming today n will fly further soon , expecting 20 to 30K profit from it ....stay tuned 4 my update ok ?

Samgoss said...

Yah one more stuff mr unknown ,

If u think I am so lansi , y u come 2 read my blog arh ?

U oso like my lansiness ? ha ha LOL!

I tell u y , bcos I am capable n oso I hv proven track records , that s y ppl like u still come 2 read though I am lansi, bukan ? LOL!

ah ben asked his fans 2 buy in seal @ 1.35 2 weeks ago , n now he blames seal management 4 cheating him, LOL! ha ha he is really thick skin come we FA still make money from seal n ah ben get his finger burnt from seal arh ?

y arh ? bcos ah ben using tak ada akal method 2 buy seal ...that s y he kena cheated ! LOL!

UN ?

I will blog this funny seal stuff up later in this week ....stay tuned yah ?