Friday, August 22, 2014

^V^ Neptune giving me unrealized profit of HKD 14K within 2 months, XXXXX giving me RM 6,750 or 20% within 1 week ^V^


HK stock Neptune 

As I said , HK stock really " Ong " me , all giving me awesome returns within few months, latest one..500 lots of  NEPTUNE  giving me HKD 14K within 2 months ^_- what else I can say ?

So what will be d next ? I am very confident on S????? now , I may sell some Neptune on rise next week , if timing n price is right , I may swap it 2 s????? again.

So guys , u see ? based on my track records, my success rate is more than 80%  , I dunno when she comes$$$$ but if u hv patience n holding power , u stand > 80% 2 win !

M????  n IXXXXX oso , dun ask me when they will come ! but I am damn confident I will make awesome returns from them later .

KL stock ?????

See d above , I hv bot in 450 lots of ???? @ ???? on 18 August , within a week, my unrealized profit is now stood @ RM6,750, n more $$$$$ 2 come next week , wanna 2 know whay is ????? , I will blog it up afyer she rose another 10% ...stay tuned yah ^_-  


Samgoss said...


Guys read below :-



LAST week a broker got an order from a client who has not bought or sold shares for the past three years. The client, who is retired, placed an order to buy shares in Sumatec Resources Bhd at 61 sen.
Sumatec was among the few stocks that saw heavy volume being traded last week. The broker advised the elderly man that he should not be taken in by the euphoria that the market had seen last week, with trading volumes hitting record high of more than 7.6 billion shares in a single day.
Apart from Sumatec, the bulk of the shares were traded in two other stocks, namely, Globaltec Formation Bhd and PDZ Holdings Bhd. The three stocks have a combined market capitalisation of RM2.6bil, which is a fraction of the entire market capitalisation of Bursa Malaysia that stood at RM1.76 trillion yesterday.
The elderly retail investor did not listen to the broker’s advice. Sumatec ended at 45 sen that day. Now, the retail investor has to wait for Sumatec to recover or lose a few thousand ringgit if he chooses to sell.
The large trading volumes of stocks should not be a reason for retail investors to invest in stocks. Fundamentals should be the primary reason. The large volume is a game for a select group of market participants called proprietary day traders, or better known as stockists.


From d above , I can tell u d writer is like telling me my mom is a female !
Ma How Pao!

Samgoss said...

From d above , I can tell u d writer is like telling me my mom is a female !
Ma How Pao!

He doesnt understand what is buy low sell high ! buy sumatec @ 61 cts is definitely buy high , where as buy eah @ 0.125, Marco @ 0.17 r not considered as buy high , it is buy low !

Conclusion is ... whether I am buying low or not ? d answer is at d end of d day, whether I make any money or not ? if I lose money..then I am buying high ^_- if not..then I am buying low .

UN ? ^_-

If we based on what d writer saying... all technical analyst r buy high kaki , cos they only call buy after d said stock breaks d resistance price , so..Sumatech breaks its resistance price of 0.60 , that s y d elderly jump in n buy , how can u say it is wrong ? LOL!

Now u tell me he is buying high ? then which is which ?

See how stupid technical analysis is ?