Friday, April 25, 2014

^V^Bot in 130 lots of Seal @ 0.53 , profit of RM 30K + or 40 % returns , awesome ? 4 me NO ! ^V^


RM 30K+profit  or 40% returns in less than 9 months, 4 tak ada akal players such as alexlulu , ah chart, chinyk or ah bone is something 2 cheer about stuff, but 4 me... I don't feel satisfy cos it took too long  4 me 2 make profit from it ^_-

Though I am a buy n hold investor , my average time frame 4 me 2 make profit is about 6 months+- , this Seal failed me speechlessly  .

U can see d above attachments , I am holding 130 lots of Seal @ 0.53+- , this snatch shot was taken 2 days ago, it was ard 0.725 @ time taken , Seal closed 0.755 today, I hv taken some profit @ 0.76 n 0.77 today, hence my profit is now stood @ RM 30K+.

With this RM 30K+ profit..My realized profit has exceeded initial TP of RM100K for first of of 2014 , I am now eyeing 4 another 100 K profit in second half of 2014 ! ^_-  mkt is now trading @ all time high , risk is there ...not easy 2 achieve that but I think another RM50K profit is highly achievable.

Hello ah chart, did u see that ? ...ppl oledi making  so much , now only u started yr fund 2 trade ...ha ha u r really a typical buy high sell low Sor Chai ! LOL!

No worry ah chart...I will monitor yr portfolio from now on... but make sure u show us b4 d stock gone up..we want b4 hand story not after hand story ok ? LOL!

Just curious ...yr MAS @ 0.38 , did u cut loss ? did u ask yr fans 2 cut loss ? or still holding ? I dun see u mention about MAS since day one u bot ? y arh ? shame 2 blog ? LOL! 


Samgoss said...

2 all ta losers , After my sales of SEAL, I hv swap it 2 XXXXX @ ??? , this one oso a sure win stock..wanna 2 know which one ? stay tuned yah !? ^_-LOL!

Samgoss said...

2 windi...sorry if u cant find d link to join me...let it be..we got no"fate" ^_-

FYI, I am not like that hard sell fun manager darlie singh...ok ?

I am rich enuf..dun need 2 earn a living from blogging unlike darlie singh .


Samgoss said...

Ha ha....ah chart just changed its hovid-wb cost from 0.185 to that oso can arh ? ha ha...0n 30/4/14 ,d lowest price 4 hovid -wb was u get avg cost of 0.174 ?

U campur it 2 yr other ac arh ? aiseh like that is after hand story liaooo.... mana boleh ? further more..u never shows us yr d other ac buying cost b4 hand ?

like that ...ah pek or ah soh oso can claim they bot hovid @ 0.13 lol!

Seeing mkt coming down,,u scared arh ? wanna 2 adjust 2 lower entry price arh ?

I will blog up this later..stay tuned ok ?

Samgoss said...

Yah my dear ah chart...I will blog up yr 2 MAS entry of @ 1.08, 0.38 as well...^_-

PEGGY Method said...

Dear Sam,

After 29/4/14 the lowest is RM0.18. But on 29/4 the lowest was 0.175.

How is that possible to get RM0.174?

Samgoss said...

Ha ha Peg...As usual lah ..since day one all his profits r fake one !

I will blog it up later... together with his previous call of mas at 1.08 n 0.32 ...ah chart..mana lu nak lai? Lol!

Samgoss said...

D title will be ...ah chart make Rm 500k from mas !"how u like that ah chart ? Lol!