Friday, July 25, 2014

^V^ Selamat Hari Raya ^V^ Profit of RM 680,000+ or 260% returns within 24 months ^V^


First of all , I would like 2 wish all my Muslim fans a "HAPPY HARI RAYA " .


I just came across from my RHB web n found that with capital of RM 260K in mid of 2012, I hv made about RM 680,000 or approximate  260% returns with 24 months , amazing ? well... not really if u compare with my best performance year in  2005 -2006 , 260% returns is nothing 2 shout about !  click here 2 c > I made RM 680,000 in 2 years ?

First attachment  ...see d first attachment , d realized profit from local stock. Profit of RM 325K+

Click here 2 c >

Second attachment ... Realized profit of USD 18.8K from US stock , RM 60K +

Third attachment  ..... Realized profit of HKD 248K  from Hong Kong stock .  RM 105K+

Fourth ...From my Platinum win win 50/50 fund .... Profit of RM 190K+

Click here 2 c >

So how ta losers chinyk, ah chart n alexlulu ? never 4get oso my old buddies of  sour cow moolah, darlie singh n his sugar boy mr dummy ?

Esp mr dummy , u told  d world that following Samgoss in shares will never bring u profit but losses !

How true how true !?  Ha ha   LOL!

Do u know I hv few die hard fans made more than 1 million  in these 2 years ?   ^_-

Guys, do u know y bloggers like darlie, mo mo cow , alexlulu n dummy  keeping so quiet lately ?

Know y ?

Cos they know very well , d more they critics me , d more new readers will join my private blog , y ? cos bottom line !!!  all these ppl trust nothing but PROVEN TRACK RECORDS which they cant get it from darlie, mo mo cow , alexlulu n dummy blog !  LOL! time 4 holidays liaooo....

I will be away till 3 of August , c u n berhati hati di jalan raya yah ^_-

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