Friday, August 30, 2013

^V^ My Rexlot rose > 23% ( HKD 40K profit ) in past 2 weeks despite d sky falling of world stock mkt ! Any big deal ? ^V^

Dear all ,

When mkt rocket up , yr stock 4lowing is no big deal , but when d world mkts sky falling n yr stock still managed to give u > 23% returns , it is not only big deal but big big deal !

Rexlot rocks ! Up another 11% this morning ! Mid day closed at 0.57 !

See d attachment, my average cost 4 Rexlot is ard 0.475 , plus d HKD currency appreciation  , my returns is ard 25%+- !

Fyi, I hv taken 50% profit on Rexlot @ 0.57 , d remaining will keep 4 further rise.

Realized n unrealized profit stood @ HKD 23,500 + HKD17,000 ( Profit sharing with my private blog fans , total members holding  376 lots /2 = 188 lots , see d above attachment ). HKD 40,000+  profit  which equivalent 2 RM 17K !

One boring question again , is there any ta losers called to buy rexlot when it was at 0.475 two weeks ago ? Y no ? Cos their ta chart triggered a sell signal ! But my fa triggered a buy call ! See ? Is ta not a useless method ?

I am really pity those die hard ta losers who 4low alexlulu 2 buy in Ytlpower-wb @0.51+ last month , click d below 2 c -

If u 4low alexlulu 2 buy in ytlpower-wb @0.51 last month , how much u going 2 lose now ? when we r selling on rise @ 0.51+ , he called his fans 2 jump in ! so ..who get badly burnt now ? ta or FA ?

Is ta works ? MY FOOT !

How now ? Mr  alexlulu , cut loss or hold ? this is d consequences of adopting tak ada akal method !  ignore my advice @ yr own risk ^_-

When bear comes , get stuck n paper losses r unavoidable , d question here is how well protected u r with yr realized profit n d price u bot whether close to its year low or year high ?

Assurance from me , if u 4low every of my trade steps , sell n take profit along d rise ,  u r definitely in big nett gain position :-

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Samgoss said...


This morning while having my breakfast in Old Town near Alam Damai , there r 4 Buddhist aunties sitting next 2 me , they talked about Buddhism, over d conversation , I heard them saying about d Genting bus accident stuff , one aunty said " u know ,one Pacik whose worked in Genting petrol station asked me is this Genting bus accident caused by ghosts ? cos this month is ghost month in Chinese lunar calendar , I replied 2 him n said " dont be so superstitious lah , no such thing as ghost causing d bus accident !"

From d conversation , I feel extremely uncomfortable ! A sincere Buddhist will never critics others as superstitious !

I went to them n said " Aunties , I am a Buddhist oso , just now I overheard about yr superstitious accident stuff , as a sincere Buddhist , we can't critics ppl as superstitious! what if someone critics our reincarnation stuff as superstitious ? do u like it ?

Aunty, do u know d definition of superstitious ? something which cant be explained or proven by science n u still believe in it is known as superstitious ! so aunty , is reincarnation proven by science oledi ? is Jesus came alive after death proven by science oledi ? is Muslim going 2 heaven after death proven by science oledi ?

All these still not proven by science yet , so.. can we say all religions r superstitious ? if not , how on earth u can tell ppl someone is superstitious !?

Dont get offended aunty , I am just telling from d point of Buddhism , it is 4 d good of Buddhist , it is oso 2 prevent Buddhist 2 be named as extremist ! Armitabha .

They kept quiet n I just walked away .