Wednesday, August 6, 2014

^V^ Y readers trust me more than ah ben ? I called 2 buy SEAL @ 0.53 n ah ben ask his fans 2 buy @ 1.35 , LOL ! ^V^


B4 I make fun on ah ben , let take a look at Haven resorts in Ipoh,  d resorts I stayed  last week , this resorts or condo located not far away from lost world Tambun , about 3 km away from Ipoh town , quite a nice place 2 stay with very good environmental .

D owner of this condo is my friend , hence I get a best rate of RM 400 per night , 4 rooms with attached bathroom n fully renovated .

It is worth 2 stay here  4 a day or  2 , Jalan jalan  n makan makan  ard Ipoh  is quite fun n very enjoyable.

K...let touch a little bit on ah ben , this guy is very cute , he made a few good call using FA , but... when he started 2 use tak ada akal method ( charting ) , his performance drop drastically ! LOL!  still he think that ta can help him 2 times d entry ^_- LOL!

He made a buy call on SEAL @ 1.35 yesterday , question at all SEAL is a FA stock but then horrrr..... y cant his chart or ta trigger a buy call on SEAL @ 0.53 like what I did ?

I called 2 buy SEAL @ 0.53 , click here 2 c >

After more than 100% up then only ah ben jump out 2 call buy on SEAL  , dont u think it is ridiculous ?

Now u see d different btwn fundamentalist n ta loser ^_-

Now u know y readers trust me more than ah ben ^_- LOL!

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Samgoss said...

2 Skhuei n all , now u see ^_-y readers trust me more than darlie singh ? LOL! Hv u seen darlie singh b4 ? well, my fans told me , they hv seen him in Murah sakit seminar , know how he looks like ? hv u seen pork seller in Pasar b4 ? that s how he looks like ^_- LOL! ... he is trying very hard 2 show off in his blog by projecting his high class image ha ha ... internal beauty tak ada , external beauty pun tak ada ? how high class can a pork seller be ? no wonder he dares not 2 blog up his face in blog lah ^_-