Friday, May 16, 2014

^V^ 130 lots of YTL @ 1.51 n SKPRES @ 0.35 sold with profit of RM 16K + n swap 2 XXXXXX ^V^


I hv instructed my win 50/50 platinum members 2 sell our YTL @ avg 1.71+- n swap to ????? @ 0.?? . personal holding 30 lots + 50 lots ( platinum members 100 lots / 2 )= 80 lots of YTL in total ,  total realized profit = RM 16 K+-,  not an awesome one but is much better than FD liaooo, as I said..she might be a bit slow but SURE WIN if one buy @ 1.51+- ! see ?

At d same time , I oso asked my d other win 50/50 die hard fan 2 sell my SKPES @ 0.385 n swap to ????? @ 0.?? too .

Personally , I hv bot back 20 lots of @ 0.?? , fyi, this is my third entry of ?? , we hv make 2 rounds from her ... one was @ 0.82 , check my old posting.

2 weeks ago, ???? was traded @ high of 1.22 , it has retreated more than 25 cts liaoo... y ???? ?

????? latest QE = ???????... PE ard has a lot of land bank in ?????? ,  its coming QEs r more than enuf 2 keeps its PE below 10 for coming 2 years , hence it is time 2 buy back n keep.

Pls take note..I didnt use extra fund 2 buy in , I apply swap here .

2 all ta losers out there , see ? we FA trader can still make good returns in pull back mkt , how u like that ? can u ? LOL !

Ah chart posted in his blog telling d world he has make money from MAS @ 1.08 ...ha ha MAS closed @ 0.18 today, how on earth he could  make money from MAS ? d more he try 2 covey up d more ppl will know how " honest" this bugger is ! LOL!


Samgoss said...

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said that it might be too late to save Malaysia Airlines (MAS) in its current form, as the national carrier struggles to meet its financial obligations spurred on by the disappearance of Flight MH370.
In an interview with the The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) published yesterday, the Prime Minister said that filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy might be among several options as a way to restructure the national flag carrier, after years of losses and bitter conflicts with its labour unions.
“We have to look at it from all angles, bearing in mind that Malaysia Airlines is a government-linked company. It’s not a private company, so there are certain repercussions in what you want to do in terms of how it is received by the employees and the general public,” Najib told the WSJ.
MAS said yesterday that its net loss expanded to RM443.4 million in the first quarter, from a net loss of RM278.8 million in the same period last year.
“The tragic MH370 incident had a dramatic impact on the traditionally weak first quarter performance,” the company said in a statement to the Malaysian stock exchange.
It said it saw high numbers of cancellations and a decline in long-haul travel since Flight MH370 went missing on March 8.
Since the majority of the passengers travelling on Flight MH370 were Chinese, sales in China slumped 60%, added MAS.


The Malaysia Airlines System Employees Union (Maseu) has called on Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak to intervene in the administration of Malaysia Airlines (MAS), which has suffered net loss of RM443 million for the first quarter ended March 31, 2014.
Maseu executive secretary Mohd Jabbarullah Abd Kadir said among the issues that should be given attention by Najib was concerning the possible restructuring of MAS top leadership line-up.
He said the existing top management did not have proper experience in the aviation industry, hence, failed to play their roles in bringing profit to the company.
Mohd Jabbarullah said several other units in the company, such as the human resources, engineering, commercial and sales, were also led by inexperienced and incompetent leaders.
“These people were outsiders who were paid with high salaries, but they failed to perform. Why do we need them when MAS has its own qualified staff to lead those units?” he told a press conference at Maseu office here today.

Samgoss said...

Ha ha ha... I am happy 2 see d above is bcos this teach ta losers a lesson , if one ignore FA of d said stock n only buy stock based on charting n rumors like ah chart , this is what u get !

From d statement of najib, he hinted 2 WSJ that MAS may go 4 bankruptcy .

If I were those MAS shares holder , I will cut loss now cos its second QE would be even worst.

D management put d blame on MH370 ! ha ha..what a stupid excuse ! MH370 incident happened on 8 March ... that was approaching d end of 1 st qtr , d impact is very minor , how can u blame MH370 ? totally nonsense !

D impact will cause greater effect in its next coming QE ! not d 1st qtr !

Hence... dun wait till d second qtr 2 come, cut loss now !

D union wants PM 2 chg top management , they said top mgt has no experience n high paid ! ha ha ha another nonsense statement , dulu MAS n AAsia JV , Tony gave free mgt n leadership , union buggers rejects him , what d hack they r talking ?

If MAS still stick with non merit system n corrupt culture, god oso cant safe it ! that s 4 sure !

OS said...

Mas is a charity home la Sam
It's union are more powerful than the mgmt
But once they bankrupt maybe they will lose their job and Mas share will be close to worthless
Khazanah nasional already losing billions in Mas investments

OS said...

Sam , what's the difference between platinum and die hard ? If join now am I going to get same access of info ?

Samgoss said...

Shares pick wise no different ...d only different is platinum members hv to accept my win win offer ....lose I bear 6 u bear 4...if gain I take 4 u take 6 .