Tuesday, October 14, 2014

^V^ Ebola Outbreak , what shld u do now ? ^V^


World mkt hv been sky falling since days ago , one of d major concern was d outbreak of Ebola , what will happen 2 share mkt if d outbreak worsen ?

Well ..then take a look at what happened in HK during SARS outbreak in 2003 .

If I am terrorist , I will get myself infected n travel 2 US , if we can think of it , so do d terrorist ?

So what shld we do with our shares ?

Fun manager darlie singh ask his fans 2 buy on dip last week , if u 4low him , u get caught by now liaoo..^_-

My advice ? well.... since there is still no cure 2 Ebola , my strategy is keep yr existing shares under yr pillow n stay aside .  Dun buy in now till u get clearer picture !

My current holding , there r still 4 stocks in Green n d other 4 in red ^_- ... but is ok 2 me , cos we hv made ENUF 2 counter this paper losses ^_-

Do u think my past 2 years  realized profit of RM720 K  >


is more than enuf  4 d coming bear ?

2 be very frank , I can sleep very well n not worry at all .


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Samgoss said...

Ha ha ..still remember fun manager darlie singh asking his fans 2 go 4 those 52 weeks high stocks ? all down from d sky ! check his August posting 2 c yrself ^_-

But no worry..I will blog it up by end of this week, stayed tune yah ?