Friday, July 4, 2014

^V^ 50 lots of Tiangong @ HKD 1.14 giving me unrealized profit of HKD 15K or 30% returns within 2 weeks ^V^


2 all esp ta losers out there , my call 2 buy HK stock Tiangong  @ HKD 1.14 on 18 June 2014 strike again !   Tiangong closed today @ HKD 1.42 , unrealized profit stood @ HKD 15k or 30% returns within 2 weeks. see d above...

So ..what do u think ? ^_- ... I am so chun ? I dunno.. what say u ta losers ? 

Tell u a joke here, ta loser alexlulu posted a SELL call on  Multico in his blog last week ,  he said PE 4 Multico is ard 7+, OMG !  from here u can see how good is his fundamental analysis ?...ha ha .

Let me tell u y it is a good qe 4 Multico , qtq drop 70% ???

Of coz no ? Previous qtr , its qe = 45.83 with revenue of 23,913 , latest qe = 10.63 with revenue of 22, 789.

Compares its revenue q 2 q , almost d same , but how on earth its  previous qe can be 45.83 ??? no need 2 ask ah kuai , it must be due 2 some one off gain lah.

Hence...conservatively , take d latest qe of 10.63 , if u times 4 , u will get 43 cts 4 year of 2014 , which give u PE of 4+- ! see ?

ta loser alexlulu give her a sell cos he said its PE is now stood @ 7+ ...ha ha he knows nut about FA ! PE 7+????

kepala otak engkau !

Go n learn more FA then only u do blogging lah !

Am I sound lansi ? well...YES! when I deal with ta losers I am damn damn lansi ! sorry cant help it...I was born as ta killer ^_-

I know there r alot of ta losers hiding in my private blog here , they want 2 curi my picks here , this make me feel extremely high now , I love it very much , there I make fun on u , here u pay me 4 my FA ,

kepuasan optima ! 

U know...those days , there r alot ta fans from alexlulu , ze moolah, chinyk , ben tay,  mike loser blog, they dont agree with my FA at all ,  they said how on earth this cinapek Sam can beat their gurus , ha ha ..

But too bad, after so many years of my proven track records , they got no choice but 2 accept that I am much much better than their gurus !^_-

That s y they willing 2 pay 2 join my private blog , I can names few of them here , they still using d same username in those ta losers blog , but it is not nice 4 me 2 bring them up here , u know I know lah ^_-

Guys, still remember u shoot me in ta loser blog ? how now ? ha ha ..

When I called 2 buy SEAL, ENGTEX n ULICORP, no broking hse calling buy at that time ! this is my talent !When  I see a buy,  they r still blur blur !


They dont come from Cold Eyes, Koon YewYin  n Tan Teng Boo , if not , ta losers will tell me... chehhh.. Samgoss curi their picks mah....right ta losers ?? ^_-



Samgoss said...

OMG ! Neymar is out of World Cup due 2 bone crack ! darling Brazil is gonna 2 play with Germany without Neymar ! Brazil without Neymar is like Argentina without 2 win ? further more, Key player Tiaga Silva oso kena suspended 4 1 match...cry oso no tear !!!

Only miracle can safe Brazil !

Jev said...

hi Sam..i have already renew my membership last week, but still havent receive any reply on it..Can ask your IT guy to help have a look?? Thank you.

Bahaudidn said...

Dear Sam
I have paid my subscription fee for 2014 on 1/7/2014 and until today I have not received username & password to access your private blog. Please look into it.

Samgoss said...

2 all , still remember my stock in my radar 4 year of horse ? I talked about Hovid @ 0.32 ? Flying now ^_-

Click d below link 2 c yrself

Did I buy Hovid ? no...but I did buy in some hovid-@0.185 , not many but 275 lots + win 50/50 75 lots . see d latest attachment

Y i didnt post it here ? cos I think ah chart curi my pick after seeing my call on Hovid , he bot in quite alot of Hovid-wb , if I ask u guys 2 buy in , with my 3,500 + fans power of purchasing , I am afraid it will push d share price up 2 benefits ah chart ^_-

Hovid-wb is abit out of money ,I am taking a little bit of risk here , my intention here is , if hovid-wb shoot up , I will still make $$$$ from it , n if she stays there or down ..I will make fun on ah chart ^_-

Either way oso I will win ^_- I will blog this up in my public blog 2 tease ah chart by end of this week

I am sure some of u guys hv bot in its mom Hovid oso ..

k2 prime , its PE is too high 4 masdaq stock , more than 20 liaoo n it is now stood @ year high , unless u hv solid insider news otherwise avoid !

2 Kevin...if u hv profit, sell half first n keep d other half , its JV with GOB is penang is on going + bkt Jalil pavilion 2 is about 2 start , hold

2 Jess...Neptune tp ard 0.22 , hit n run

2 Joe, recent dip is bcos of its coming right isuues , FA wise no problem , at 3.27 is a safe bet

Samgoss said...

Latest update..sold all my Hovid-wb @ 0.24 , realized profit 14.5K ^_-

See ? we can never predict d mkt , though alot of ppl saying mkt will come down during World cup month , but still we made money from Ulicorp n Hovid .

From here we can see ... noone can predict d movement of shares mkt , dont come n tell me , during World cup month or runaway in May month we should sell off all our holding , no way !

D only thing we can do is minimize yr portfolio 2 certain % , only sinka will tell u "sell ALL yr shares n keep d cash 4 down month ".

Samgoss said...

Congrats ahhua... XXXXX n XXXX oledi up from its year low ... wait n c lah..

one more stuff, I can smell that ah chart is going 2 show his portfolio real soon cos hovid-wb oledi gone up...ha ha I read him like a book ^_-

Bahaudidn said...

Dear Sam
I have renewed my membership on 1/7/2014 and untul today I have not received ID and password. Please look into it. TQ

Samgoss said...

2 baharudin. .give me yr userid n email add pls