Thursday, March 22, 2012

^V^ Superstitious ? WHAT is superstitious ? is yr religion not superstitious ?


Ching Ming or Ancestor Day is near d corner ,this is d day we go to our ancestor’s graveyard n sweep, clean d tombstone n offer food n wine  2 those who had passed away. We also burned paper money n paper replicas of clothes, shoes, watches, cars, and even houses 4 our family 2 use in d afterlife. I know there r ppl (ESP darlie singh n mike loser ^_- LOL! ) out there saying " what d heck ! dont u think all these r superstitious ? " 

EXCUSE ME ! superstitious ? what is superstitious ? d definition of  superstitious = stuffs that r not proven scientifically  ! All stuffs that r not proven scientifically r considered as SUPERSTITIOUS !  

YES ! 100% agreed on that ! 

But then horrr........ can u tell me which religion is not superstitious ?

We hv Buddhist  talking about reincarnation !

We hv Christian talking about Jesus came alive after death ! Baptist spreading water to their followers 2 clean away their sin n 4 protection !  

We hv Islam talking about going to heaven after death !

Can u tell me r all these stuffs proven scientifically ?  YES ? NO ?

If not , Y u laugh at ppl 4 their doings ? think dudes, think ! 

Unless u r free thinker  , yes ! u got d right 2 accuse ppl as superstitious ! Otherwise pls KEEPS YR MOUTH SHUT ! 

Do u think god is fair 2 us ? yes! I think d above youtube ^_- LOL ! 

Wanna 2 know d latest news about China's politic , read d above youtube ^_- Very interesting !  


Samgoss said...

2 Long ..u r welcome ^_-

Guys, look at d face of this NTDTV.COM commentator , he looks exactly like "Xiao Ren " (small man or someone who acted nice in front of u but will step u from behind ).

He might be a Fa Lun Kong member , what he commented on Chinese government stuffs r not 100% correct , but... d fight between Jiang n Wu is quite reliable !

When u read , do yr own judgement , dont listen 2 him blindly ^_-

Gd 9.

alyp said...

Christianity is not superstitious. The bible is real.

It is SCIENTIFICALLY accurate.
Bible is true and constant. Science keeps on changing. There were once people think that the world is flat but from the beginning, the Bible tells us the world is sphere.

The Bible is not a science book, yet it is scientifically accurate from the start! Click on the link here to find out why…

Samgoss said...
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Samgoss said...

It is SCIENTIFICALLY accurate. Really ? then Jesus came alive after death is SCIENTIFICALLY accurate ? spreading water to their followers 4 protection oso SCIENTIFICALLY accurate ??

Dude, I am not here 2 criticize about d reality of bible , I am just telling u if one can accept Jesus came alive after death as NON SUPERSTITIOUS , he must oso accept others as NON SUPERSTITIOUS !

U cant says no !!! ...mine is not NON SUPERSTITIOUS , yours is SUPERSTITIOUS ! yes / no ? bukan bro ?

Do u know that Feng Shui oso scientifically accurate from the start ? FS talked about "Qi = air " from Sun at d begining , there were ppl think that it is nonsense ! n now it is proven that there is energy came from SUN , ? is FS superstitious oso ?

Conclusion is > Dont laugh at ppl 4 burning hell money as superstitious bcos they can oso laugh at u 4 believing spreading water can clear away sin ^_- agreed ? yes ? no ? LOL !